My 5 favourites from the Cameron Highlands

Earlier this year, my parents travelled from the UK to visit me in Singapore. Unaccustomed to the tropical heat, I planned a road trip into the cooler climes of Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands.

The Cameron Highlands are named after British explorer William Cameron, who mapped the area in 1885. During the colonial era, the British turned it into a mountain resort for those stationed in Malaya – a place to escape from the hot and humid tropical climate.

Rolling hillsides carpeted with lush greenery make for Teletubbyland-like scenery. With temperatures rarely going above 30°C, the air is fresher and cooler than surrounding lower lands. But what are my top 5 things to do?

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I’m 11,000 km from home and feeling homesick

My first three months as an expat have passed in a blur of new experiences, places and faces. I honestly haven’t really stopped to think about missing home. There has, of course, been regular facetime’s with family and friends, and whilst I’ve loved catching up on their news, things have been exciting enough in Singapore to stop me missing home too much.

But last night marked the end of a three week visit from my parents and sister. And it hit me suprisingly hard, I’m a long way from home!  Keep on reading

Accidentally embracing minimalism: moving abroad

How good does it feel to have a really good clear out? Whether it’s going through the kitchen cupboards and throwing the out-of-date-by-decades tins and spices away. Or going through the closet and donating the clothes you ‘might wear one day’ to charity. It’s refreshing to not get that guilty feeling when you see unloved belongings lurking in the corners of your home.

I moved abroad a little over a month ago, and that, my blogging friends, taught me a very valuable lesson in minimalism.  Keep on reading