Trial run East

I’ve settled into my vast business class seat, have my flight socks on, bloody mary in hand and am scrolling through the movies list. This is bliss. My husband’s company is sending us for a week’s visit to Singapore to ‘check we like it’. The chances of us not wanting to move there are slim, but hey, free trip! 

Did I mention that I’ve spent my career so far working for charities? I’ve travelled abroad for work once, on a cramped plane journey to the northern most part of Ghana, to visit the poverty stricken Bongo region. Business class is certainly not the lifestyle I am used to.

We have one week to explore everything Singapore has to offer. Well, we actually have two years, but that’s still three months away, so for now it’s go go go.

2017 is the Chinese Year of the Rooster – we were there at the end of celebrations

And boy do we cram! We eat amazing food in China Town, Little India and various Hawker Markets. We visit the Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa Island.

One day we take a boat trip from Changi Point to the cutesy Pulau Ubin, where we hire bikes and cycle around. Monkeys harass us and try to get in my bike basket, and a big lizard tries to trip me over. I’m desperate to go back at low tide and explore the rock pools, so will write a separate blog about there.

My trusty steed for getting about Ubin

I’m blown away by the heat and humidity, though we’re told this is a cooler part of the year. We arrange to have dinner with a colleague of my husband. It’s nearby so we walk. When we arrive, they take one look at us and offer us a shower, we’re drenched! I make a mental note to stock up wet wipes.

At the end of the week we’ve walked an average of 12 miles per day. We’re exhausted, but don’t want to leave. For now though, it’s back to the UK for three months of working my notice period and packing up our house.

Singapore, I’ll be back.

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