Saying goodbye

With one week to go until we take our one-way trip to Singapore, the time has come to say goodbye to friends and family.

This has been more emotional than I expected. We have collected good friends from each different stage of our lives, and they are all wonderful people. They bring us laughter and a sense of absolute belonging. And now we are moving 7,000 miles away. 

But the great thing about moving somewhere like Singapore is the number of people who want to come and stay. In the next 12 months, we already have approximately six trips of 11 people scheduled. In fact, there is a visit planned every other month!

To say goodbye to our friends, last night we had a big hurrah in Bristol – one of those nights matched only by our wedding for bringing unconnected friends together. They gave us generous and thoughtful gifts; One couple gave us a book ‘A Year in the UK and Ireland’, a beautiful journey through the seasons that I love (and will definitely miss) so much. It’s a gift and a bribe wrapped into one, they know this will keep us wanting to come home eventually! You can read the story behind the book, made by travel writer Emma Higgins, here.

Other friends have booked us a cooking class in Singapore – I absolutely can’t wait to try my hand at dishes like Laksa and other regional cuisine.

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We will of course miss our friends a lot. But we’re so excited for them to come and visit, and hope that we’ll be introducing them to our new Singapore buddies before long!

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